Services Offered At Kiwi PT

Come see us for any of the following:

  • Pre-surgical conditioning programs
  • Management following all surgical procedures, including Joint Replacements
  • Treatment of spinal injuries/conditions
  • Gait and Balance Retraining programs
  • Rehabilitation of work-related injuries
  • Treatment of injuries sustained in automobile accidents
  • Return to sports conditioning programs
  • Treatment of all manner of aches and pains of no specific cause
  • Complimentary Injury Screening
  • LSVT BIG therapy/BIG for LIFE

Within 48 hours after a first time patient has called to schedule an appointment with us, they will undergo a comprehensive Initial Evaluation.  This is to establish baselines and diagnose the causative factors for their symptoms, allowing us to develop an effective and personalized treatment plan for each patient.  We will also take additional time at that appointment to discuss goals, both for the course of PT, and for the long term.

Our Physical Therapist will create a Home Exercise Program to complement each patient’s treatment at our clinic.  Working on this outside of their Physical Therapy will help a patient achieve maximum benefits.

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